iSickandTired. Taming Technology with Teenagers.

Give me the Black Plague any day. I am, on a regular basis, wishing I was born in a different time era, as I figure pestilences and industrial revolutions are nothing compared to negotiating technology with teenagers. For the plague, I will find a natural remedy for it online. Oh wait… no technology? Errr... Geez, … Continue reading iSickandTired. Taming Technology with Teenagers.


The Not-So-Private One.

I'm a private person. This blog is like an oxymoron. No-one really knows what's going on in somebody's life just by looking at them. And why should I write so that you know what's going on in mine? Who said you could be so nosy? Ha ha. I watched a video today (click here if you have … Continue reading The Not-So-Private One.

Update 18. My oldest child turns 18. Shivers.

My blog. I'm taking it back to what it all started for. This blog is just our news, people. I have been round and round the merry-go-round as I thought the blog probably should have some revelation of life's meaning in it, and I should post far more regularly. I did feel pressure (from myself) to do … Continue reading Update 18. My oldest child turns 18. Shivers.

Update #16. We Are One Year Old in Cape Town Years

25th May 2014, the Stewarts arrived in Cape Town. Sjoe. Pronounced "shore," without the 're' bit, said quickly, with exhalation of breath. Don't tell me you can't learn Afrikaans on this blog. It means... geez, wow, jeepers, crikey Moses, good grief, oh my hat, blimey, golly, crumbs! One year. Can you believe it. It is … Continue reading Update #16. We Are One Year Old in Cape Town Years