Homeschooling and Other Horror Stories

So after plenty of hinting in the last blog, I’m sure you’ve seen it coming that we have decided to homeschool Luke (13). And as Ethan’s (11) history of school entails 3 termly parental meetings to discuss his not paying attention, settling down, or the inevitable “he just cannot stay in his seat,” we’ve decided … Continue reading Homeschooling and Other Horror Stories


Update #16. We Are One Year Old in Cape Town Years

25th May 2014, the Stewarts arrived in Cape Town. Sjoe. Pronounced "shore," without the 're' bit, said quickly, with exhalation of breath. Don't tell me you can't learn Afrikaans on this blog. It means... geez, wow, jeepers, crikey Moses, good grief, oh my hat, blimey, golly, crumbs! One year. Can you believe it. It is … Continue reading Update #16. We Are One Year Old in Cape Town Years