Here I Am, Here I Am, and How Do You Do?

There were a lot of song titles/words that could have been used for this blog. “Where do you go to, my lovely? When you’re alone in your bed. Tell me the thoughts that surround you, I want to look inside your head…” Oh, foolish, song-writing man. You NEVER want to look inside a woman’s head … Continue reading Here I Am, Here I Am, and How Do You Do?


Hip-hop, Hairspray, Humility & Hallelujahs.

So I'm officially a dance mom. And I haven't posted much about it on my social media platforms because I hate boasting about my kids publicly. But I have learned so much, and this blog is about all the things I learn in my life, so here I go... How did I get here? Well, … Continue reading Hip-hop, Hairspray, Humility & Hallelujahs.

It’s Going To Be Okay.

They’re born and the milestones are thick and fast. They drink. They eat. Burping, pooping. Growing (weigh, measure, worry). More poop. And is it the right colour, consistency, frequency? First smiles. Laughter. Teeth appear. Usually with teething. Sleep (yeah, not really). Words are highly anticipated and duly celebrated. Crawling. Make sure they crawl otherwise in … Continue reading It’s Going To Be Okay.

Update 18. My oldest child turns 18. Shivers.

My blog. I'm taking it back to what it all started for. This blog is just our news, people. I have been round and round the merry-go-round as I thought the blog probably should have some revelation of life's meaning in it, and I should post far more regularly. I did feel pressure (from myself) to do … Continue reading Update 18. My oldest child turns 18. Shivers.