Lessons in Laundry

Laundry. I've done a lot. Especially in the last 3 years, because in Zimbabwe, most homes employ permanent domestic help. Here in Cape Town, I am the domestic help. But then I counted my children, and realised I actually have 4 domestic helpers. Boo yah! And I pay them in muffins. I have taught them … Continue reading Lessons in Laundry


Can I help you?

No thank you. I will always answer that question with a no. Why? Because I'm strong, independent, capable and people depend upon me to do what I gotta do. Well, I'm starting to realise what a steaming, smelly pile of poo that really is. To God, and to His plan for things. Heath is helpful. My … Continue reading Can I help you?

Update #9- Butterflies, Goats and Fish.

June 2014- continuation of updating the updates. I write this while Heath drives us from Bloubergstrand (where we’re staying) to Durbanville (where we’ll be settling)- about a half hour drive, and it's pouring with rain. At least I have internet connectivity! Aaah bliss. Its Ethan’s birthday tomorrow, he turns 9, and it is completely surreal … Continue reading Update #9- Butterflies, Goats and Fish.

Update #6- Warning: Contains Toilet Humour. 4 boys, what do you expect?

2014- The (back-up) update of our impending emigration continues: 12 May- Everything comes together and we book our tickets to fly to Joburg on the 14th! Have hired car and sorted accommodation with Heath's cousin, Cleedon and Zereena. They very bravely offered to have us stay for the week that we are in Jo'burg. 13 May- Some crazy running around; … Continue reading Update #6- Warning: Contains Toilet Humour. 4 boys, what do you expect?

Updates #1 – 4. The Beginning of the End.

The date below is the beginning of this blog, which started by emails to my family in the U.S. Ireland, South Africa and Zimbabwe, so they would know what was going on in our lives. The emails progressed eventually to this blog, and this is out of order, because it takes time to transcribe emails, for … Continue reading Updates #1 – 4. The Beginning of the End.