Update #21- When Water Runs Dry

The basic content of these updates is what goes on in my house, a journal of the events in our lives, and finding the lesson in the craziness. Water restrictions are being enforced in Cape Town due to really bad rains, and the water supplies are in critical condition. Unlike Zim, not everyone has boreholes … Continue reading Update #21- When Water Runs Dry


Urchins (again) and Faith

We all know the well-quoted (yawn) scripture about faith. As I write this, I even have the raspy voice of the memory verse song dude that I used to listen to on Hosanna Music's CD's. It's so old I couldn't even find a link to it, only a 100 x 100 picture of the cover, which I … Continue reading Urchins (again) and Faith

Updates #1 – 4. The Beginning of the End.

The date below is the beginning of this blog, which started by emails to my family in the U.S. Ireland, South Africa and Zimbabwe, so they would know what was going on in our lives. The emails progressed eventually to this blog, and this is out of order, because it takes time to transcribe emails, for … Continue reading Updates #1 – 4. The Beginning of the End.