Grumpy Old Cow- A Lesson in Contentment for 2018.

Once upon a time, we're at the beach and the wind is blowing. (Nothing new in Cape Town!) I don't like the wind. I barely like the beach, because it's made of sand, and the sea in Cape Town is made from ice, so you don't ever wear a swimming costume to the beach, you … Continue reading Grumpy Old Cow- A Lesson in Contentment for 2018.


Update #21- When Water Runs Dry

The basic content of these updates is what goes on in my house, a journal of the events in our lives, and finding the lesson in the craziness. Water restrictions are being enforced in Cape Town due to really bad rains, and the water supplies are in critical condition. Unlike Zim, not everyone has boreholes … Continue reading Update #21- When Water Runs Dry

Update #9- Butterflies, Goats and Fish.

June 2014- continuation of updating the updates. I write this while Heath drives us from Bloubergstrand (where we’re staying) to Durbanville (where we’ll be settling)- about a half hour drive, and it's pouring with rain. At least I have internet connectivity! Aaah bliss. Its Ethan’s birthday tomorrow, he turns 9, and it is completely surreal … Continue reading Update #9- Butterflies, Goats and Fish.

Update #7- The One With The Very Long Road

Looking for cars to buy, we have reached corners of Johannesburg many South Africans didn’t even know existed. We have driven to Lenasia (“-asia” being the emphasis– even had a Bank of India in the mall) and Vereeniging (poor dude on GPS didn’t cope well with this one– he fizzled out towards the end of the … Continue reading Update #7- The One With The Very Long Road