It’s Going To Be Okay.

They’re born and the milestones are thick and fast. They drink. They eat. Burping, pooping. Growing (weigh, measure, worry). More poop. And is it the right colour, consistency, frequency? First smiles. Laughter. Teeth appear. Usually with teething. Sleep (yeah, not really). Words are highly anticipated and duly celebrated. Crawling. Make sure they crawl otherwise in … Continue reading It’s Going To Be Okay.


Homeschool. Good Eggs & Graduations.

This whole thing is actually her fault. My friend, that is, henceforth referred to as HoWWFII (Homeschooling Wonderwoman Whose Fault It Is.) She’s homeschooled her own 3 kids in the U.S., emigrated for 2 years to Zimbabwe, where we met, changed their lifestyle and outlook radically because, well, deepest darkest Africa will do that to … Continue reading Homeschool. Good Eggs & Graduations.

Homeschooling and Other Horror Stories

So after plenty of hinting in the last blog, I’m sure you’ve seen it coming that we have decided to homeschool Luke (13). And as Ethan’s (11) history of school entails 3 termly parental meetings to discuss his not paying attention, settling down, or the inevitable “he just cannot stay in his seat,” we’ve decided … Continue reading Homeschooling and Other Horror Stories

Update #20- Leaving, growing, pooing.

It's been almost a year since I posted an update, as I've been writing about other stuff in between. This sort of brings everything together better I think. Our life at present: Obviously the biggest change is Joshua moving out into the BIG wide world. To the tiny corner of Sun Valley, oxymoronically (yes! T’is … Continue reading Update #20- Leaving, growing, pooing.