Here I Am, Here I Am, and How Do You Do?

There were a lot of song titles/words that could have been used for this blog. “Where do you go to, my lovely? When you’re alone in your bed. Tell me the thoughts that surround you, I want to look inside your head…” Oh, foolish, song-writing man. You NEVER want to look inside a woman’s head … Continue reading Here I Am, Here I Am, and How Do You Do?


Update #21- When Water Runs Dry

The basic content of these updates is what goes on in my house, a journal of the events in our lives, and finding the lesson in the craziness. Water restrictions are being enforced in Cape Town due to really bad rains, and the water supplies are in critical condition. Unlike Zim, not everyone has boreholes … Continue reading Update #21- When Water Runs Dry

Update #20- Leaving, growing, pooing.

It's been almost a year since I posted an update, as I've been writing about other stuff in between. This sort of brings everything together better I think. Our life at present: Obviously the biggest change is Joshua moving out into the BIG wide world. To the tiny corner of Sun Valley, oxymoronically (yes! T’is … Continue reading Update #20- Leaving, growing, pooing.

Update #13- A Day in the Life…

2014- Our routines are pretty much in place, and we are settling well. The boys have a social life, and we are adjusting to that. This means that the weekends are harder work than the weekdays, as you are generally trying to make sure that no-one is late for their movie night at a friends … Continue reading Update #13- A Day in the Life…

Update #12- Dit Is So Lekker Hier. For real, that’s how you say it.

I had to go back to Zim for 3 days in August 2014 to renew my visitors visa, as well as get police clearance from there to apply for my spousal visa here. If  you're wondering why I'm writing about 2014, I'm updating the blog with the updates I wrote (but not published on blog) … Continue reading Update #12- Dit Is So Lekker Hier. For real, that’s how you say it.

Update #10- The Cape Town Coaster Ride

An Update Backdate. 2014. If  you don't know what I'm talking about, you really have some catching up to do. Start with Update 1: One Saturday morning, Heath and I went with two younger boys to the Neighbourgoods Market, in CT city– such a cool place, with local produce everywhere– honey, oils, wine, biltong, everything! For … Continue reading Update #10- The Cape Town Coaster Ride