Thank you for reading! It is so great to have you visit…I hope you become a regular.

I love writing. I was always better than my brothers at the Christmas or birthday thank-you notes, and I can type fast-ish, because my best friend was a secretary and I had to compete with her. So I should write, yes?

My life is not interesting, not really. I was born in and grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, got married to Heathcliffe there, and had our 4 beautiful boys there. We emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa in 2014. No small decision, emigration, and my writing started when a monthly update became routine to keep family and ‘friends-like-family’ up to date with what was going on with our settling in a new country. It has crazy accounts of daily events in our family, and the lessons I learn in the chaos and the occasional quiet. And pictures, because they help me remember what happened this month!

And because this is my shortcut to my family journal, it shall be presented to each of our boys on their wedding day probably, so they hopefully can learn from our lessons. Boom! Here’s a 9834 page journal for some light reading on the do’s and dont’s of life. You wanted a house as a wedding gift? Dang it, sorry.

Now that I am a housewife, I have oodles of time to write. Yeah, right. Any ‘housewife’ will know that’s a load of crock. Between the psychology of raising 4 entirely different people, feeding them, washing their clothes, feeding them, being a wife with hopefully more than a half hour of free time for adult conversation, feeding them and remembering to have lunch myself; this blog will happen. Did I mention that I feed them all too? So this blog may not be regular or consistent, but it will be real.

Stewart Family-16.jpg


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