Update #8- Crazy Favour.

This ‘post’ was written in May 2014. Publishing to blog now, so that all my old updates are on the blog. Sorry if I’m confusing you.

So we arrived in CT on Sunday 25th May 2014. The whole ‘four seasons in one day’ thing that we were told a bajillion times by CT gurus has been more of a surprise than anything. It doesn’t go ‘summer, autumn, winter, spring’ in one day…it just stays bloody cold, but the sky changes from dark grey to pouring with rain, to almost totally clear with sunshine rays streaming through, to blow-you-off-your-feet windy. I find that when caught in the wind, I get the giggles, and there have been some pee-in-my-pants moments, where our family looks like we had scotch for lunch and we stagger to the car almost falling over. Joshua opens the door for me and then has to save me from said door as the wind blows against it and the door now weighs a ton. So so funny.


I have had philosophical moments about the effects on one’s health of having a runny nose all day, how the CT weather can be like a bad daytime TV ad for that ab machine– that causes your muscles to be tense the whole day without even knowing it, and to wonder how many layers one can wear before really looking fat. Going to the loo is a 10 minute procedure before you even hit the seat. To those of you in cold(er) climates, I don’t know how you do it. I’m fine if I stay in the house/car/mall all day. The kids of course don’t feel it and still come out of their rooms for a ‘walk on the beach’ (aka trek in the arctic) in shorts and bare feet.


Our apartment is a black hole for all technology. Internet via our dongle does not work, 3G on our phone barely works. But three metres outside our door, you can get full network coverage! The other day we really needed to go online, so we found a sunny spot outside, parked some chairs and worked for about half an hour. Then when my bum and hands were completely numb, I had to come back inside to thaw out 😦

We are staying on the coast in Bloubergstrand, (I still squeal in excitement every time I see the sea) and are aiming to stay in Kenridge, which is Northern suburbs, further inland. The drive from here to there is very scenic and often surprisingly rural, through farmlands, winelands and fields with ostriches and guineafowl. Our first week, we saw 4 houses for rent in the Kenridge area, all pretty dismal. Teeny tiny and not in great condition. On Thursday, my wheels fell off, as I didn’t see a rental happening that we could fit in, let alone be happy in. I felt really low and Heath’s faith saw me through. On the weekend, we decided to go to a church in Durbanville (an area next to Kenridge), and met some great people, who actually have great connections in the schools that we’re believing for, so that was awesome. Within the next week, Fairmont High School had approved Joshua’s application, and we should have the letter of acceptance by week end.

Very blessed by Joshua’s attitude– he is so ready for school, excited about everything, and grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

We are doing all the touristy things bit by bit– have walked the V&A Waterfront, visited the Planetarium and driven down the Cape Peninsula looking at the all the awesome towns along the coast, and spotting dolphins. We have eaten in the dodgiest places and survived. A place called Sticky Fingers serves the best ribs & burgers, and was owned and staffed by Zimbabweans. They are ALL OVER the place. I feel like we overhear more Shona than Afrikaans sometimes.

At the planetarium / museum
False Bay.
Boulder Beach penguins.  Err, sorry, there are some penguins in front of the children. Children were cuter than penguins, and smelt better too.


Weather has been a bit limiting, so we will do the outdoorsy hiking things when it’s a bit  warmer (and we are a bit fitter and can still breathe after 200m).

I feel very happy, very blessed. I have always loved the sea and find it surreal to be living so close by. God’s favour in working all things to our good has been overwhelming, and we are so thankful!

Lots and lots of love to you all.




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