Journey to the Center of Permanent Residence

On the momentous occasion of my receiving my permanent residence the other day, it presented an opportunity to look back and reflect upon the memories. This is not going to be a pretty flashback montage, however, it plays out more like a horror story. So it’s interspersed with beautiful pictures of my homeland to keep … Continue reading Journey to the Center of Permanent Residence


Here I Am, Here I Am, and How Do You Do?

There were a lot of song titles/words that could have been used for this blog. “Where do you go to, my lovely? When you’re alone in your bed. Tell me the thoughts that surround you, I want to look inside your head…” Oh, foolish, song-writing man. You NEVER want to look inside a woman’s head … Continue reading Here I Am, Here I Am, and How Do You Do?

iSickandTired. Taming Technology with Teenagers.

Give me the Black Plague any day. I am, on a regular basis, wishing I was born in a different time era, as I figure pestilences and industrial revolutions are nothing compared to negotiating technology with teenagers. For the plague, I will find a natural remedy for it online. Oh wait… no technology? Errr... Geez, … Continue reading iSickandTired. Taming Technology with Teenagers.

Grumpy Old Cow- A Lesson in Contentment for 2018.

Once upon a time, we're at the beach and the wind is blowing. (Nothing new in Cape Town!) I don't like the wind. I barely like the beach, because it's made of sand, and the sea in Cape Town is made from ice, so you don't ever wear a swimming costume to the beach, you … Continue reading Grumpy Old Cow- A Lesson in Contentment for 2018.

Update #21- When Water Runs Dry

The basic content of these updates is what goes on in my house, a journal of the events in our lives, and finding the lesson in the craziness. Water restrictions are being enforced in Cape Town due to really bad rains, and the water supplies are in critical condition. Unlike Zim, not everyone has boreholes … Continue reading Update #21- When Water Runs Dry